Why Starland Union ?

Starland Union is a value investing firm focused on assets with recurring cash flow and a sustainable competitive advantage in asymmetric industries that require a bit of elbow grease.

We target total returns (IRR) of 12 to 18%, a significant portion of which comes from current income. We intend to hold assets for the long term, but have used refinancing to return equity in 6 to 36 months.

Heretofore, we have achieved those results by buying and rejuvenating undermanaged real estate – specifically apartments and hotels – that serve median income households along the major transportation corridors between New York City and Boston.

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Why Starland Union Housing

Sustainability through the economic cycles.

  • Our dynamic rental pricing model allows for revenue increases in varied economic climates

  • Transitioning utilities to residents has nearly eliminated investors' exposure to heat and electric costs

  • Negotiating annual fixed price contracts with maintenance providers makes our monthly expenditures predictable

Why Boutique Hotels

Different operational dynamic, same approach to revenue.

  • Attractive entry points and readily fixable deficiencies

  • Strong market position through concurrent purchase within the same town

  • Capital improvements and operational grit offer opportunity to quickly grow sales

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Micro View

Persistent supply and demand imbalance.

  • Demand for housing continues to outstrip supply

  • The 70MM+ strong millennial generation has emerged from the depths of the Great Recession ready to live on its own

  • At the same time, the supply of new housing units slowed to a trickle during the recession and has not recovered


Macro View

Possitive attributes of Direct Real Estate as an asset class.

  • We measure risk and compare it to other asset classes to quantify the volatility of its return over time

  • The superior risk/return trade-off of private real estate is the foundation for our investment strategy

  • Direct real estate is a more tax efficient investment vehicle than comparable yielding assets thanks to its depreciation shield