The Power of Two Bottom Lines

Starland Union invests first and foremost for a financial return, but we also achieve meaningful positive social impact along the way that delivers a "double bottom line" return.

Our projects provide working class families with clean, safe, and environmentally friendly places to live. This approach delivers positive qualitative benefits for their neighborhoods and broader communities.

This combination makes our homes desirable, resulting in lower vacancy and therefore more revenue, which fuels a virtuous cycle of strong investment returns.

We can feel good about our investments on multiple levels.

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Food Fair

Community Building

Social impact is an undeniable part of our business strategy.
  • We’re renovating buildings, while restoring qualitative opportunities to affordable housing

  • Our investment in residential and hospitality properties also aims to improve the connective tissue of communities by offering better places to live, and to stay

Green House

Green Initiatives

We make thoughtful choices for our properties and our planet.

  • Switching from oil to natural gas has had a dramatic impact on our buildings’ emissions

  • All building material choices are made with an eye for balancing financial costs with the long term environmental costs and impact