Product & Service

Family Viewing House

Rental Management 


Professional rental management can increase your ROI.

  • Savings and preventative efforts of quality management.

  • Proper screening places the right tenants to avoid problems in the future.

  • Formalized systems proactively collect rents, initiate collections and expedite evictions when they can't be avoided.

  • Maintenance costs are lower by using a discounted, cost effective network of partners combined with proactive inspections.

  • Code violations and costly mistakes are fewer.

Young Student

Student House


Our student house only rent to wealthy international students.

  • All of our tenants have passed the F-1 visa and family background checked 

       by the U.S. Immigration Department.

  • We work with their home country school and sign a lease contract before students arrive in the United States.

  • We work closely with CSSA, the most effective way to sign a lease contract with a group of Chinese students in US.

  • We can maximize the ROI for our student house and even add more bedrooms with our interior designers in the multi-family house.

House Painting

Flipping House

We work much more creatively with the "gateway to real estate investing" 

  • We flip pre-foreclosure, foreclosure and safely auction properties at the most.

  • We often create flip + hold medium or long term high return + cash flow investment projects, with student house strategy or rent-to-own lease option strategy.

  • Lease Option+Student House+Flip= Seller, Student and Investor all win strategy. 

Moving House

Rent - to - Own

Be the home owner, be pride & smart! 

  • Build equity while living in your own home.

  • Say good-bye to paying rent.

  • Customize a program and home that best suit your financial/personal needs

  • Flexible deposit building options to ensure your home ownership at the end

  • Options at the end of your program.

  • Pet friendly and you can lease rooms to other tenant too!

Signing Contract

Lease Option

It gives you what Donald Trump calls “control”—which in many ways is more
powerful than ownership.
  • Gaining control over a property with relatively no risk empowers an investor.  

  • It provides the benefit of potential equity increases from property appreciation.

  • Do not often require huge financial resources.

  • They can help you create both active and passive income streams.

Partying with Friends

Student House + Lease Option

Legend strategy! Create 3 separate high profit for both student (Free living), Investors and seller.

  • Student will live for free, maintain the house and tenants, pay off the living expenses by rents from tenants. Chance to profit again when the house sold.

  • Investors add value on the property, pay for the upgrade fee, and make profits when house sold or from student buyer's deposit if not getting sold. Negotiable monthly cash flow.

  • Seller will profit anyway, but chance for a higher strike price and four-years long term stable return.